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Rowing On The Golden Horn

Rowing: The Best Team Building Activity on Golden Horn

Are you looking for a different team building approach and a fresh strategy to encourage and develop morale among your team members? Beyond being an excellent form of fitness, rowing is the ideal team sport on the Golden Horn, Istanbul, making it an excellent team-building event for a wide range of corporate groups and organizations.

Consider combining rowing activities with an “out of office” business meeting that builds on the experience, or just have a good time and establish some bonds with your crew members.

4 - 80 Guests
Golden Horn
Throughout the day
1-2 Hours

Rowing is considered to be an effective team sport. On the water, working together to coordinate team performance, foster teamwork, and recognize the accomplishment of solving a collaborative obstacle is very fulfilling. And this sense of fulfillment can be achieved regardless of fitness level, age, or athletic ability, via our rowing team activity organizations.

  • Explore Golden Horn
  • Ideal Team Sport
  • Trained Coach
  • Competitive & Fun
  • Enhances Teamwork
  • Outdoor

You and your team will have the chance to build on a collaborative effort that has been characterized as a unique, exhilarating, and almost ethereal sense of achievement by many. Rowing Istanbul offers a unique opportunity to make use of each member’s strength to facilitate unity and improve teamwork. It is also a motivating team building exercise that provides you and your team with a fun and exciting environment. Teams paddle throughout the Golden Horn of Istanbul and race in an adrenaline-pumping and uplifting way.

Whether you have a small team or the entire department is excited to try rowing, we can adjust our crew and activity planning to your needs. For small teams, we have standard rowing boats and arrange their competition in the same order. For larger teams, we can plan your team-building activity with longboats with higher capacity for a single session. They resemble dragon boats with their narrow and long structure and allow more people to row simultaneously.

What makes Golden Horn so unique?

Golden Horn was once a bustling commercial center for ancient Istanbul, and now it is a popular tourist destination in the city. For hundreds of years, it served as Istanbul’s primary shipping port. It is an entrance of the Bosphorus, with two rivers emptying into it at its far end. As a natural harbor, it is often regarded as the biggest in the world. As a result of its sheltered inlet region, it is an excellent location for rowing activity in Istanbul.

Is Rowing a Good Choice for Beginners?

In each of the team-building events hosted by Oskar Tours, a trained coach will be with you at all times, helping you through each step and urging the crew to work together to get the boat going more quickly.

A common misconception is that rowing is just about sheer arm strength – however, this is not the case at all. Power is mostly produced by the leg muscles, and technique and efficiency are more essential than strength. So, just relax, you can do it like everyone else!

For a rowing session, the event begins with safety training and briefing, followed by a trip out in groups to begin learning the fundamentals of the technique. Throughout the event, the crews are progressively brought up to speed, and at the end of the session, they line up against each other for a short-distance race.

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