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Incentive Travel in Istanbul

Let’s Plan Your Incentive Travel in Istanbul!

What would you say to rewarding your employees
with a pleasurable incentive travel in Istanbul?

Treating your employees to an inspiring and memorable incentive travel experience in Istanbul is the ultimate motivation and productivity boost.

We assure an incentive trip of world standards, where every detail has been thought beforehand and where comfort and security has all been planned, as a reward for your team.

Hotel, events, meal planning, transportation, selection of venue can be organized in accordance with your specified theme. With over a decade of experience in the market, Oskar Tours team can effectively plan and organize an incentive trip in Istanbul, where the history and culture of different civilizations and continents meet.

Companies have initiatives to reward its employees through different motivation methods. Incentive travel is one of the most preferred methods of creating synergy in the workspace. It’s a proven method as a form of contemporary motivation to their partners, dealers and employees. Many specially designed events are included in the incentive trips to ensure loyalty and to help raise potential for a motivated workforce.

Our team has organized countless incentive trips for partners, employees and dealers of global companies.

Istanbul offers a lot for your incentive travel!

Istanbul is truly one of the best and most exciting destinations for an incentive travel with its rich cultural wealth. From dining on a luxury boat on the Bosphorus, to having a massage in a Turkish Bath, Istanbul offers many unique experiences for your team.

Some Reasons to Choose Istanbul as an Incentive Travel Destination:

What could be a greater gift than an incentive vacation to a vibrant metropolis?

Incentive travel to Istanbul is an excellent way to reward your staff and business partners. It is one of the most effective methods for increasing employee motivation and effectiveness. The following are some compelling reasons to plan an incentive trip to Istanbul:

Vibrant City Life: If you want to relieve your employees’ stress, let’s organize a luxurious night out and party in Istanbul. It’s one of the things that contribute to the enjoyment of incentive travel! Istanbul has a vibrant nightlife. From nightclubs on the Bosphorus to places with historic themes in the city center, the city offers a diverse range of options.

Day-Long Incentive Trip Ideas in Istanbul: Istanbul has a plethora of incentive ideas for incentive planners to entertain their visitors while also providing amazing incentive experiences.

  • Dinner or social occasion surrounded by historic and modern city landmarks.
  • Seeing the amazing Whirling Dervishes performance.
  • Take a boat cruise or a sightseeing tour to experience the heavenly Bosphorus.
  • Walking Tours in the Sultanahmet District.
  • Authentic Turkish cuisine tasting.

Incentive trip to istanbul


World-Class Hotels: Round up your incentive travel package with an afternoon at our luxury spa, where clients may retire to a private hammam and indulge in a traditional wellness practice that is both calming and energizing. Additionally, a traditional Turkish bath is a must-do experience for relaxation.

Unique Experiences: We can arrange exclusive meals or cocktails in great locations. Our choices are limitless, but we can emphasize the gardens of the luxury hotels along the Bosphorus, the Dolmabahce and Topkapi gardens, and the Cistern with 1,001 columns.

  •        Accommodation options at competitive prices
  •        Entertaining and creative team building activities*
  •        Excursions with multilingual professional guide service
  •        Comfortable, luxury and safe transportation and airport transfers
  •        Professional venue finders
  •        Lunch, dinner and party arrangements
  •        Exclusive caterings and meals from the rich cuisine selections
  •        Cost planning and budget management
  •        Alternative tours/excursions
  •        Trusted network of local suppliers
*enhance your incentive travel Istanbul
with a fun team building activity!

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