Already Planning 2023 Holiday? Check out Rising Star of 2022: Istanbul

As we are closing 2022 soon, it is worth highlighting Istanbul as the rising star of tourism in 2022 and it continues to welcome tourists from all over the world towards 2023 even weather is getting cooler. So, what happened during 2022 in terms of the tourism boom experienced in this country especially in Istanbul, what does it have to offer and what tourists found exciting?

Guide for CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2023 in Istanbul

Originally, Istanbul was scheduled to host the showpiece event of European club football in both 2020 and 2021; but UEFA was obliged to make modifications in both years owing to Covid-19.
Because the conclusion of the UEFA Champions League will now take place in Porto in 2021, the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul will now play host to the championship game in 2023.

Top Travel Destinations in Europe 2022

When tourists go to Europe in the summer, they don’t have to wrap up as much to see the greatest sights the continent has to offer. This is the greatest time of the year to discover quaint alleys that are overflowing with history; savor wonderful cuisine; and immerse yourself in a culture that is so intriguing and varied, that you’ll want to keep moving from nation to country.

How to Make Most of Your Corporate Trip to Istanbul?

Istanbul is at the crossroads of three continents, which, together with the city’s position at the geographic and cultural epicenter, has made it an important commercial hub throughout history. The significance of the city has only increased over the past several years with business activities. If you have a business trip to Istanbul on your agenda, we must say that you can make the most of this work trip and have a good time.

Best Team Building Activities in Istanbul

Istanbul is not only a great destination for its historical sites, cuisine, and great activities, but it also offers many activities for team building. These fun team building activities not only foster the team spirit while increasing the morale but also will bond everyone having shared unique unforgettable experiences to be talked about even after years.

25 Reasons Why Istanbul Is the World’s Greatest City

Is Istanbul worth visiting? Without a doubt! Often preferred over southern beach resorts or Cappadocia’s magical chimneys, Istanbul, Turkey’s metropolis, is where the country’s heart beats. Let’s look at unique reasons to see this city and if you feel excited about an Istanbul visit, reach out Oskar Tours team to plan your Istanbul vacation.

A Guide to Exploring Istanbul in Luxury: Istanbul Luxury Travel

Istanbul is a top luxury vacation destination if you’re looking to treat yourself or if it’s already your way of life.
As the western banks of the Bosphorus marking the geographic start of the European continent and the eastern banks indicating the border of Asia, Istanbul’s confluence of cultures is what makes this city sparkle.

Istanbul Calling: Tourism Boom in 2022

Turkey has long been a favorite among travelers searching for a perfect summer escape, with lively towns, impressive historic ruins and monuments, and landscapes ripe for exploration. Not to mention spectacular beaches. Tourism, however, has fallen significantly in Istanbul and elsewhere as a result of the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions that have been in place for the past two years.

How To Plan a Corporate Travel To Istanbul In 2022

Managing a business trip may be a tedious task. There are flights to book, accommodations to organize, and an infinite list of extra charges and duties to keep track of. However, business travels may be both useful and enjoyable for employees. They should be considered as an opportunity to broaden your network, raise your company’s profile, and create special memories.
Istanbul is a terrific destination for corporate holidays. Whether it’s a meeting or a site inspection visit for your next contract, Istanbul offers so many opportunities for business trips.