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Event Logistics & Transportation

High-Quality Event Logistics and Transportation Services in Istanbul! 

We offer a wide selection of vehicle options ranging from luxury limousines to 45-seater coaches for your events, tours and airport transfers.

We also provide event logistics & transportation services for your city tours, special events, corporate tours, team building activities and gala dinners in Istanbul.

Whether you are travelling with your family or your colleagues, our transfer and airport shuttle services in Istanbul International Airport will make you feel exclusive. Our experienced staff will meet & greet you at the airport terminal and you will reach your hotel or event venue in a comfortable and safe way.

  • Effective airport transfer management for large groups
  • Private cars & limousines
  • Luxury coach, minibus, midibus and VIP alternatives
  • Professional drivers in suit
  • Airport meet & greet staff
  • Multilingual assistant service
  • Comfortable, deluxe and late model vehicles
  • Sea & Air transportation

How to plan event logistics for an event in Istanbul?

Here is how we do it for excellent event logistics services in Istanbul.

Establishing Event Goals:

Our event goals are the objectives your business objectives to accomplish by the event’s outcome. It might be team building, boosting awareness of a new product, or fundraising for a non-profit organization.

All choices, including logistics, should be made in light of these objectives. Several ways in which your event objectives might drive your logistical choices include the following:

  • If the purpose of your event is to provide attendees with hands-on experience with a new product, you’ll want to ensure that the temporary stage vendor includes various stairwells and ramps to enable crowd movement.
  • For a large event with a band or solo performer, logistics should include the installation of a sound system that allows each attendee to enjoy the music at a suitable decibel level.
  • For a conference or symposium that begins with seminars in one venue and concludes with a reception in another, logistics will include cars for individuals with disabilities or just for convenience.


Creating an event planning timetable:

event logistics transportation istanbul

A thorough event planning timeline can help you stay on track with your event’s logistical requirements. This timetable should cover critical dates and responsibilities, such as initial planning meetings, venue research, and negotiating with suppliers like furniture rental businesses and caterers.

Consider the following while selecting a venue: Logistics, for obvious reasons, is highly location-dependent. When should event logistics have a say in venue selection?

  • Large-scale outdoor event in Istanbul — While the site may have a lovely expanse of land, it may be necessary to choose another place if the surrounding streets are unable to handle the traffic.
  • A weekend team-building activity in Istanbul — The hotel and event spaces are located close to area tourist attractions. Choose a more convenient location or plan bus excursions for staff.


Additional Logistics We Manage for Events in Istanbul:

  • Verify the venue’s entrance dimensions to verify vendors may enter.
  • Locate the most advantageous places for event signage.
  • Establish delivery door protocols.
  • Create a plan for automobile traffic management and attendants.
  • Confirm guest speakers’ and VIPs’ travel arrangements.
  • Assign each team member a distinct job in troubleshooting.
  • Train customer support crew so that they are capable of handling guest concerns, misunderstandings, and even tensions.


We ensure that our hassle-free and reliable transfer services will meet the expectations of your guests in Istanbul.

Contact our logistics experts to plan your arrival to Istanbul!