Team Building Activities

These are team building events aimed at reinforcing the feeling of being a part of a team as opposed to being an individual, by promoting intercompany communication, in order to raise the level of motivation to its highest possible levels. The aim is ensure the company personnel focused on success are able to grasp the group logic processes. As Oskar Tours, our purpose is to organize customized, special events, which in an atmosphere of entertainment enable higher level of awareness with the aid of our teams who are specialized in team building. The process of raising awareness involves the formation of the teams, duty assignment, and imparting motivation which is supplemented by measurement and evaluation. The games or the activities are evaluated; the team members learn factors that are affecting their performance, the risk factors, and how to overcome the disadvantages posed by these various factors.  Performance evaluation ensures the identification of weak points and the development of strategy to assure an outstanding performance team spirit. In order to facilitate the awareness of becoming a team, you can meet the experienced Oskar Tours consultants and plan team building activities around various venues in Istanbul.

  • Creation of team spirit awareness
  • Results-oriented work, morale building and motivation gains
  • Individual and company focused evaluation
  • Determination of weak links, and performance improvement work
  • Strategic planning
  • Many activities to choose from
  • Selection of venues and premises appropriate to the event