Cooking Class Istanbul

Istanbul is not only famous with its historical sites but also with mouth watering Turkish cuisine which is largely the heritage of Ottoman Cuisine. There is a great variety of dishes in Turkish cuisine which can be also described as a mixture and fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan culture.

Our cooking classes in Istanbul encourage joint efforts among employees to reach a shared goal namely, the successful preparation of a great Turkish cuisine through teamwork. Every team member participates in a part of the process, regardless of their cooking skills or experience in the kitchen.
Our cooking Class activity is both enjoyable and challenging. It’s also a spontaneous activity since cooking is one of the fundamental skills necessary for survival. Since the earliest times, people have worked in teams in gathering food, hunting wild animals and living communally.
The best part of the activity is that you get to eat the Turkish cuisine you cook! You will be instructed by an English speaking chef in a clean and tidy environment.
Our cooking class not only provides you with the opportunity to prepare the delicacies of the Ottoman and Turkish cuisine but you can also taste the fruits of labours accompanied by a Turkish wine.