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5 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner in Istanbul

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Oskar Tours is one of the most preferred event planners in Istanbul by famous corporates and brands. Every year, we handle and organize the events of hundreds of international travelers in Istanbul.

As a leading event planner in Istanbul, we are capable of meeting your needs and expectations as well.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to hire an event planner Istanbul for your corporate events in the city:

1. A Professional Network of Suppliers

Oskar Tours does not only serve you with its experienced staff but also serves with its professional network of local suppliers. We offer our network to your service to ensure the satisfaction of your guests and partners.

Event Planner in Istanbul

If you would like to enjoy our professional network, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will arrange every single detail for your corporate events on your behalf. We will be also glad to share our network with our clients and offer them smooth, and satisfaction-guaranteed services.


2. Savings on Costs & Negotiation Skills

Hiring our event planners will reduce your costs and ensure you are within your event budget. With many years of experience as an event management company in Istanbul, we offer affordable services for corporate events. Depending on your preferences and the nature of your event, you may have to rent venues, vehicles, or hotel ballrooms in Istanbul.

In this regard, we can book all these services at affordable prices to let you enjoy better services for optimum cost. Moreover, we can arrange for the staff to take part in your operations and ensure the satisfaction of your guests.

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Working with Oskar Tours will definitely offer you many benefits. Cutting costs is one of the most notable ones among them, especially for your corporate events.

As one of the leading event planner Istanbul companies, Oskar Tours also offer you its expertise in Turkish negotiations. We Turks love to negotiate on every price and deal! In this respect, we offer you the chance to enjoy the same local negotiations that will cut your costs. We will handle most of the negotiations on your behalf and you can enjoy more affordable prices for the same services.


3. Save Time & Do Not Stress

Our event professionals are managing stress & time and bringing you a stress-free event.

Saving time and not having to stress about anything are two important benefits we can offer for you. If you are looking for a professional event organizer in Istanbul, who will be one step ahead all the time, we will be glad to serve you.

We will handle everything and every single detail for your corporate event. In this way, all you have to do is focus on your event, meet your guests, and enjoy your time!


4. Find Perfect Venue in Istanbul

We specialize in finding the right event venue for your organization. From luxury hotel ballrooms to unique venues by the Bosphorus, our event planners will help you to choose the perfect venue in Istanbul.

Event Venue Istanbul


5. State-of-art Event Technologies

Once you share the details of your event, our event managers will provide you with innovative ideas to enhance the experience of guests. As technology continues to advance, our event professionals follow up event trends 2022. We are looking to the future with our state-of-the-art equipments. We are always creating a nice visual experience to keep your audience engaged.

Event Trends 2022



If you are looking for an Istanbul event management company, which will take care of every single detail on your behalf, Oskar Tours is one call away.

We will assist you with the venue selection, logistics, catering, event staffing, event production, and more. Our event management and communication skills will ensure your event runs smoothly and everything is in order.

Please feel free to contact us for the details and receive a free quote