Turkish Water Pipe – Nargile (Hookah)

There are many famous words that people use to describe the Hookah, Turkish Water Pipe, a tool for pleasure existing for thousands of years.

This tobacco smoking tradition, origins of which are in India, has survived until today with disguising in many different shapes. And today the tradition hit the peak. For the Turks, the habit of smoking Hookah started in the era of Yavuz Sultan Selim.

Hookah, which is an important part of the culture, is being used widely today, especially in Istanbul.

Enjoying the pleasure of pleasant conversations with their irreplaceable friend, Hookah, is up to you. Yet, smoking Hookah is not an easy job. There are some certain procedures and principles. The basic law is the respect. When someone wants to smoke from your Hookah you don’t give him the hose just like that! You have to put the hose to the floor, so that the one who wants to smoke can take and enjoy it.