Turkish Bath Hamam Istanbul

The world famous baths or ‘hamams’ as they are named, were used in the old times by all the population as public baths and are a source of relaxation, health and rejuvenation. Before the Ottomans came, the Romans, Byzantines, and nomadic peoples of the region had their own variations on bathing rituals. These traditions were later combined, creating a different variation of all the features, The Turkish Bath.

After undressing in your cubicle, you will you will don apeştamal, a traditional cotton body wrap. Then you enter the hamam area with a marble platform that heated from underneath. This is where you can lie down to sweat. This hot area, called the “sıcaklık”, consists of the large, hot marble platform which is surrounded by bathing basins (kurna) and private bathing cubicles (halvet). You should first of all sweat, either by lying or sitting on the hot marble or pouring hot water on your body by sitting next to one of the basins. Then your attendant will give you an scrub down that will peel all the dead skin of your body, opening your pores followed by a bubble wash at  one of the basins. Then if you prefer, you can remain lying on the platform to perspire more and relax, and then when you want, you can move to one of the basins to rinse yourself. The scrub and bubble wash by the attendant lasts for approximately fifteen minutes, while the whole bathing process of resting, sweating and washing takes about one to one and a half hours, but there is no official a time limit you can take as long as you want. After you are finished you lie down on the couches in your private cubicle wrapped in various Turkish towels and rest and have a cold drink or other refreshments after which you feel energized and revitalized like you have never felt.

Enjoy an authentic Turkish bath experience on this tour in Istanbul

Let yourself be treated to an invigorating body scrub and bubble wash

Relax on the hot marble tiles and enjoy this unique cultural experience