Turkish Bath – Hamam

Turkish BathThe Turkish Bath is an important part of Turkish culture and one of the to-do things before you leave Istanbul. There is no better way of enjoying your time than spending the afternoon at a Turkish Bath (Hamam). You will be driven to the Old City where the most famous Hamams are located. Group will be welcomed by Hamam attendants and guided to personal dressing rooms with locks. Group will also be given sandals and peştemal (cloth tied around the waist).

You can relax and sweat out the days fatigue on a hot marble slab and relax in the warm room. This is followed with a fabulous body massage with a special coarse bath glove called ‘kese’, hot water and soap. tourist attractions The massage peels off the dead skin from your body leaving your skin refreshed and tingling giving you a pleasantly light and rejuvenated. A Turkish bath cleans you both physically and mentally and is an experience not to be missed.
We can reserve the Hamam for your exclusive use and enhance the experience with live music, belly dancers and open buffet with multitude of refreshments. Please note that Turkish Bath has male and female sections.