Lost in the Old City ( Treasure Hunt )

Lost in the Old City pLost in the Old City is an exciting and fascinating way to discover Old City whilst having fun in a competitive way. The group will be divided into teams and given a briefing about the activity along with a bag containing a booklet with questions and tasks, pocket money, pen, paper and some materials related to the questions. Teams will walk in the streets of Old City to find items and places, take photos, buy items, bargain at shops, socialize with public, eat from street vendors, see Turkish Baths, watch people smoking hookah and playing backgammon, visit historical sites along with the shops around. Each team will have an assistant for safety reasons. Our assistants are not allowed to help the teams with the tasks and questions.

Lost in the Old City is very similar to Treasure Hunt and it has been our most trending activity in the last few years. We have arranged this event for many domestic and international clients. It helps guests get to know Istanbul culture and also provides fun atmosphere with opportunities for team building. It will be run smoothly by Oskar Tours staff and your team will really get to know all the wonderful places that Old City offers.

At the end of the activity, the bags will be collected by your team assistant, total points awarded will be calculated and the team with the highest points will be declared as the winner.

Lost in the Old City is one of the best ways to reward your team and discover Istanbul!