Spice (Egyptian) Bazaar

It was built in 1660 by the architect Kasim Aga for the mother of Sultan Murat IV, HaticeTurhan Sultan. The Egyptian Bazaar is Istanbul’s second covered bazaar. It is L shaped in plan, a building that borders two sides of the park beside YeniCami. The structure was restored in 1943. There are eighty eight vaulted shops in all, along with a tiny mosque at the inner corner of the L. The structure of the building is dressed stone with alternating brick courses, fine examples of Ottoman Architecture. Merchants selling various herbs and spices such as saffron, mustard, mint, thyme, cinnamon, aniseed, garlic, Indian tea, honey, apple tea, henna, jujube, eucalyptus, mahlep, cloves,etc. can be seen throughout.