Sailing Between Two Continents

Team Sailing can be arranged as half day or full day on the blue waters of the Marmara Sea. You can either sail between Asian and European coasts for half a day or sail to the Princes’ Islands for a full day trip. The interaction of the crew during the trip facilitates and reinforces the building of a team that can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment to strengthen your organization’s survivability skills.

Team Sailing is a great analogy for approach—testing and using the wind to navigate through the sea traffic to reach a destination, tacking, taking down and hoisting sails with the joint effort of the team to reach a common destination.

You will have the opportunity to act as the captain at the helm or as crew manning a winch or handling a line, then coach your colleagues on your newly-acquired skills, share risk-taking (and mistake-handling) and increase trust between the team.

Professional skippers will instruct your group on the skills of handling 20- to 40-foot sailboats, covering tacking and jibing, sail handling and steering skills. Depending on the weather and sea conditions you will either compete in a regatta or a time trial, using your newly acquired skills, to outmanoeuvre and beat the other boats to the finish line. Outfits, equipments and life vests will be provided.