Point Barbaros Hotel

This high-tech hotel offers stunning Bosphorus views from its 18th floor restaurant and a large sports center. Room service includes games for the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox360.
The stylish guest rooms are equipped with the latest facilities and gadgets, including interactive LCD TV with 1000 channels, free Wi-Fi and a media hub to make connections between TVs, CD players and laptops.
Guests can visit Point Hotel’s Point Sport Center with its large swimming pool, tanning bath and massage rooms. It is also possible to connect an iPod to the equipment in the fitness center and to follow various gym classes.
Apart from the international panoramic restaurant, guests can enjoy Italian cuisine at the Piola Restaurant or worldy cuisine in the lobby. There are 2 bars and a bakery for drinks and delicacies.
Point Hotel Barbados also features a helicopter landing area and free parking. The Cemal Reşit Rey Exhibition & Conference Hall, and Atatürk Culture Center are 2.5 miles away.