Pierre Loti Hill

You take a cable-lift up to the summit of the hill where you can look down on the Golden Horn and  the beautiful mosques of the Old City and surrounds.  Pierre Loti (born Louis Marie JulienViaud (b. 14 Jan 1850 – d. 10 June 1923), was a French writer who lived in Istanbul at the end of the 19th century. It  is said his name was given Tahitian natives during a journey to  the south Sea Islands He rose to the rank of a Colonel in the French Army and was considered a friend  of the Ottomans but there were those who thought otherwise as .  Amongst the many novels he wrote his main works are; Aziyade his first  novel on the Ottoman Life, La TurquieAgonisante(Turkey  Agonizes) and his last  novel was Supremes Visions d’Orient ( Last Visions  of the East). It is an interesting fact that his first and last novels are about Istanbul and the Ottomans.  Coffee house now stands where he lived and wrote.  Here you relax and take time  outfor a tea or coffee and enjoy the view.