Accommodation & Venue Selection

A world capital Istanbul, with its historical background and its strategic venue has for hundreds of years been home to races of different religions and races, and has created a cultural mosaic that covers the past and the present. As a safe destination, Istanbul which is closely bound with its history is host to millions of tourists every year due to its internationally accepted standards. Oskar Tours works closely with many hotels in Istanbul and is able to assist you in the preparation of an advantageous and affordable trip. This means your hotel costs are minimized and your selection of safe and comfortable accommodation is made easier.

We are aware that venue selection is a very important search process for every type of corporate event and as a result we are happy to assist you in your search for the best venue in Istanbul. Oskar Tours team assists you in finding the most suitable venue in accordance with the nature of your event, your corporate vision and your preferences and takes care of the necessary preparation. What would you prefer? A Roman bar in the historical peninsula or a venue facing the shimmering lights of the Bosphorus?  Wherever it is, our specialist team will carry out research to help you find the right venue.  The selection we will present will have been thoroughly researched, the compatibility with your venue examined, and they are venues which will be easily accessible.  We provide you with the most suitably priced selections, in accordance with your budget, to help you in your budget planning.

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