Lost in the Bazaar (Treasure Hunt)

Lost in the BazaarOur Bazaar activity is a great way to discover and explore Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is one of the major landmarks of Istanbul and built like a maze with its 66 covered streets and over 3,000 shops. After a briefing outside the Bazaar, the group will be divided into teams and teams will walk in the covered streets of Grand Bazaar, trying to find – buy items, taking photos, bargaining at shops and socializing with stores and public.

Each team will be given a bag containing booklet with question and tasks and pocket money. They will use the pocket money to buy items and they will experience “bargaining” which is the most challenging part of this activity. Spending a minimum amount of money to acquire items is important since the team spending least amount of money will get extra points. Our assistants will be with the teams at all times for safety reasons and they will also help them take photos. Teams are not allowed to ask direct help from assistants unless there is an emergency case.

At the end of the activity, teams come back to the meeting point with the purchased items along with the bag and the team with the highest points will be announced as the winner.

Come and join our Treasure Hunt Istanbul activity with your group. We promise that Treasure Hunt in the Bazaar will be an unforgettable experience!