International Congress of Turkish Culture – Istanbul

International Congress of Turkish Culture is organized by Süleyman Şah University, Indiana University, Hacettepe University and Motif Foundation. The congress which is planned to be organized annually will take place first in Turkey.

13 – 15 October, Süleyman Şah University / Leyla Dumankaya Campus

The themes & objectives of the congress:

To encouarge researchers to study about sufism as an important dimension of Turkish culture.

To discuss the methodological problems in studying Turkish sufism.

To encourage researchers to make a comparative and detailed studies on morals and development processes of sufi schools.

To study the oral traditions of sufi schools and their impact on the formation of oral tradition in a broader framework.

To analyze the texts of Turkish sufi literature.

To discuss Turkish sufi culture in terms of its relation with philosophy and islamic theology   ( Kalam )

To discuss the issues of musical practices of sufism

Analysis of the impacts of sufism on various layers of life from its  emergence to the present.

Sufism’s relation with modernity and postmodernity.

Sufism in the context of emerging Spiritual movements.

Popularization of sufism through literature and cinema.

Sufism’s interaction between fine arts and aesthetics.

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