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How to Make Most of Your Corporate Trip to Istanbul?

Audrey Heath  ·  Updated 11 July 2022

Istanbul is at the crossroads of three continents, which, together with the city’s position at the geographic and cultural epicenter, has made it an important commercial hub throughout history. The significance of the city has only increased over the past several years with business activities. If you have a business trip to Istanbul on your agenda, we must say that you can make the most of this work trip and have a good time.

You may experience the unique atmosphere of the city in tea gardens, Turkish pubs, and other establishments while dining on flavorful mezes and admiring Byzantine mosaics and murals that coexist with relics of the Ottoman empire.

What to do after a business meeting in Istanbul?

Corporate Travel Istanbul

Istanbul Corporate Travel: Must-Dos

This is a list that you may use your corporate trip to Istanbul, as well as if you’ve reserved an additional day for enjoying Istanbul before your trip back home. It includes locations where you may go to have fun with your coworkers, places where you can go to impress a customer, and places where you can pick up some souvenirs to take back to your friends and family at home.

1. Istanbul: Bosphorus Dining Experience with Cruise

Take in the sights and sounds of the Bosphorus Strait on a vibrant cruise. After your business meeting or conference is over, take some time to explore the Ottoman sultan’s palaces after dark and take in the breathtaking views of both the European and Asian shores. And savor the delectable flavors of Turkish food. Dine while being entertained by live performers and enjoy a welcome beverage. You will go to several city’s most well-known landmarks, including the Dolmabahce Palace.

Bosphorus Yacht Dining Cruise

Passing beneath both the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge is a highlight of any cruise between Europe and Asia. Dolmabahce Palace and Beylerbeyi Palace are two of the Ottoman sultan’s palaces that are open to the public and may be visited.

2. Visiting Historical Landmarks

You may appreciate the particular cultural and historical beauty of the area while you are networking and conducting business there, and you can also make use of this to have some free time. The Ciragan Palace on the banks of the Bosphorus, the Galata Tower, and the Pierre Loti Cafe are just a few of the stunning locations in Istanbul that contribute to the city’s reputation as the cradle of civilizations. The Pierre Loti Cafe has a romantic story to tell as it overlooks the Golden Horn.

Hagia Sophia Mosque Museum

Consequently, if you are going to be in Istanbul for a convention or a meeting, you should either go on a cruise along the Bosphorus or take a tour of the famous Hagia Sophia while you are there to obtain a new perspective of the city.

3. Purchase Souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar Istanbul Shopping

It’s known as one of the world’s largest and oldest covered marketplaces, and it’s an explosion of color and mayhem. There are over 4,000 traders that call this location home. It is the best place to shop for authentic Turkish carpets, beautiful jewelry, and other types of Turkish gifts.

4. Wander Around Galataport After a Conference

Galataport, the world’s first subterranean cruise ship port, has become a point of local and international events, conferences, and meetings. During a corporate trip to Istanbul, you may get a taste of several facets of the city in a single location if you have a few hours to kill before your departure.

Galataport IstanbulBecause the area will be home to several art centers, a cruise port of international renown, hotels, and a diverse selection of shops, cafes, and dining establishments.

  • The most exquisite flavors of the world and Turkish cuisine may be found at cafes and restaurants located in a variety of locations, such as Mezzaluna, Baylan, and Saltbae Burger, to name just a few of these establishments. It is, therefore, accurate to claim that you will sample all of the flavors of both traditional Turkish cuisine and other cuisines from across the world.
  • For the convenience of its guests, Galataport offers a diverse assortment of brands and retail store collections, ranging from more casual to more upscale labels.

5. Me Time After a Busy Business Day: Turkish Spa

Turkish Hamam Baths as Individual Rejuvenation Time for Rejenuvate is a whole another chapter of the city. At Istanbul’s hamams, such as the Hürrem Sultan Hamam and the Cagaloglu Hamam, visitors and locals alike may enjoy a steamy scrub while being surrounded by marble walls and towering domes. You will find whatever you are looking for to relax, whether it is a low-cost wash or an expensive treatment by a masseur.

Turkish Bath Hammam Hamam

Because of its almost 300-year history, which led to it being classified as a cultural historic site by UNESCO, Cagalolu Hamam continues to welcome guests today.

6. Alternative Evening Events in Istanbul

Get mesmerized by whirling dervishes:

You may discover musical instruments, calligraphy, Mevlevi costumes and accessories, and more at the Galata Mevlevi Lodge Museums; however, the major attraction of the museum is the weekly sema (whirling dervish) ceremony that takes place there.

Whirling Dervish Istanbul Sufi

Private Tours of the Church and Cisterns:

When Istanbul was still called Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, visitors could enjoy a small-group guided tour of the city’s monasteries and cathedrals that lasted for eight hours. Learn more about the intriguing history of Christian sanctuaries, which reached their height during the control of the Byzantine Empire.

The Grand Bazaar may also be set up as a scavenger hunt or an orienteering course for businesses and other organizations who bring large groups there.

7. Take a Ferry to the Princes’ Islands

Take a boat to the Princes’ Islands, which are only a short distance away from the bustling city of Istanbul. You might choose to go to the more laid-back island of Burgazada instead of the constantly busy bigger island of Büyükada if you want to avoid the holiday crowds on the larger island. Burgazada is smaller.

Princes Islands

Especially during the warmer months, head over to Madam Marta Koyu, a secluded cove on the opposite side of the island, and go for a swim there. This is where the locals like to hang out on the beach. In this way, you can turn your corporate travel into a surprise summer vacation!

Istanbul is a city that is busy with commerce and opportunities that are booming. Your business or corporate trip to Istanbul may be simply planned with the help of Oskar Tours, whether it is to make investments, organize conferences, or entertain business guests while in the city.