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How To Plan A Corporate Travel To Istanbul

Corporate Travel Istanbul

Managing a business trip may be a tedious task. There are flights to book, accommodations to organize, and an infinite list of extra charges and duties to keep track of. However, business trips may be both useful and enjoyable for employees. They should be considered as an opportunity to broaden your network, raise your company’s profile, and create special memories.

How do you plan a business trip to Istanbul?

It is not an easy job to organize a corporate travel, especially abroad. Each detail is important when it comes to planning a business trip. It requires a detailed planning and efficient communication.

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Oskar Tours specializes in incentive and corporate travel management business. As a well-established travel agency in Istanbul, we will go into the details of preparing this procedure effectively.

Istanbul is a terrific destination for corporate holidays.

Whether it’s a meeting or a site inspection visit for your next contract, Istanbul offers so many opportunities for business trips.

Incentive trip to Istanbul

Incentives strive to improve employee performance and engagement while also advancing corporate objectives. The Incentive Research Foundation Case studies report incentive trips are effective tools for delivering success within an organization.

Incentive Istanbul Reward

Top incentive travel destination

Now is the moment to provide your top performers with the experience they’ve been looking forward to. An incentive trip to Istanbul will not only leave your employees delighted but they will feel also valued and motivated.

What are the benefits of incentive travel for employees?

Your team will profit from travel mainly in two ways: long-lasting memories and deeper connections. Traveling creates a lasting memory that relates with a sense of accomplishment. Group travel forms important ties for business. It allows employees and partners to have great interactions with each other.

Events Catering Istanbul

Incentive trips create long-lasting memories

While you add up many lovely memories, it also strengthens the relations within the group.

Amazing network opportunity

Travel incentives bring amazing network opportunities. Client visits, site visits, meetings, and even team building events are planned during incentive trips. These events provide with an opportunity to extend your business network.

You will go a big step further in creating a great employee experience with fantastic engagement results.

Why choose Istanbul for a corporate travel?

With its rich cultural and heritage, Istanbul is one of the greatest travel locations for corporate travels. Istanbul provides unique experiences, from dining on a luxury yacht on the Bosphorus to getting a massage in a Turkish Bath.

What can you include in your Istanbul business trip?

  • Team building exercises that are both entertaining and inspiring
  • Excursions with experienced multilingual guides
  • Unique event & entertainment venues that inspire
  • Arrangements for lunch, dinner or private parties
  • Luxury event catering, exclusive restaurants
  • Alternative and off-the-beaten-path group trips

Maiden Tower with seagulfs flying

The advantages of an oriental vacation in Istanbul present an exciting opportunity to blend business activities through meetings, conferences, or client/dealer visits. Employees will feel more connected to one another and valued by their employer as a result of this application.

How to Plan a Conference Trip to Istanbul?


Situated on two continents, Istanbul has a strategic location in the globe. It is at the world’s crossroads between European, African, and Asian countries.

Istanbul provides a wealth of first-class hotels, special venues and conference facilities. It has become an international traveler center of conferences and business gatherings. The cosmopolitan nature of the city has led to a distinct, contemporary, and sophisticated business tourism in the city.

Istanbul Conference Management

While networking and doing your business, you can also enjoy the natural, cultural and historical beauties in Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar, the world’s oldest known commercial district, is where you’ll discover the finest world brands and local designers. The Pierre Loti Cafe, with its romantic story overlooking the Golden Horn, the Ciragan Palace on the Bosphorus’s banks, and the Galata Tower are only a few of Istanbul’s gorgeous sites that make it the cradle of civilizations.

While you’re in Istanbul for a conference or meeting, take a tour of the iconic Hagia Sophia or take a ride on the Bosphorus to get a fresh view of the city. You may create a lasting impression on your employees by impressing them with a delightful trip in Istanbul.

Meeting and Event Planning in Istanbul for a Corporate Visit

When preparing for a conference in Istanbul, you will have a lot of options and things to consider. These will range from venue selection to logistics, as well as activities to do during and after the meeting.

In Istanbul, you may have a product launch, a dealer or distributor meeting, or a client visit. And you will have a lot on your mind about how to do genuine business. You should focus on doing business while considering having your event planner on hand to answer queries and keep things on track.

Istanbul Event Management

An experienced event management agency in Istanbul will have contacts with a network of vendors and clients. They may be able to negotiate discounts or other cost-cutting measures that you wouldn’t be able to acquire otherwise.

Begin as soon as possible

A normal meeting or function can be scheduled anywhere from six months to a year ahead of time. If you are planning a business trip to Istanbul, get started early. Promote incentive travel program as a reward for your employees.

What are some services for meeting and event planning in Istanbul?

You will need an end-to-end event management agency focusing on delivering the best services for your client:

  • Hotel room bookings, venue arrangements
  • Catering services, meal plannings
  • Coordination with suppliers
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Staffing for events
  • Team building activities

Istanbul Team Building

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a luxury incentive trip in Istanbul, Oskar Tours will help you settle all details. Our destination management company will bring you the ultimate travel experiences.

You’d be surprised at how much work goes into arranging a meeting or conference.

Istanbul’s leading travel agency has got you covered on everything about your travel arrangements and corporate events. We provide conference management, event management, and incentive travel services in Istanbul that cater to your company’s needs.