Eyup Mosque

Eyup Mosque was the first mosque built after the Turks conquered Constantinople. One of the first Muslims, EbuEyup El-Sari was killed in the Arab army’s battle in the year 668 AC in this location.
Sultan Fatih Mehmet’s religious tutor is said to have discovered his tomb. Fatih built a large tomb, a mosque and a public soup kitchen in that location in memory of the fallen warrior. The interior is magnificent with goldleafed decorations, elegant chandeliers hanging from the dome, and oriental carpets that cover the ground. The tomb of Eyup Sultan was built in 1485 and its walls have been tiled with tiles from various periods. For hundreds of this has been a centre of pilgrimage. The grill inside the tomb in front of the sarcophagus made of pure silver and was a gift from Sultan Selim III.
Eyup district is a religious centre in Istanbul. In spring and summer you can see little boys wearing special dressesbefore their circumcision parties praying in the mosque and on Fridays the holy rest day for Muslims thousands of people gather to pray and pay their respects