EMECON 2013 – The International Conference on Emerging Economies (EMECON)

25 – 28 September, 2013 | Istanbul, Turkey

Emerging Economics Conference is a four days conference that will take place in the beautiful venue namely Nazim Hikmet Culture Center, Istanbul, Turkey. This forum is going to deal with the present global economic situation which calls for fiscal prudence as developed market economies had already incurred vast government debt. This major significant point is going to get focused in this platform. There is other quantitative easing of all sorts which have been in this forum that will get focused here, as well.

The International Conference on Emerging Economies (EMECON) will be an interdisciplinary conference and seek to understand some of the major problems and opportunities for the developing countries. EMECON will aim to deliberate and discuss the income distribution, managing, social and environmental problems, with the emerging market mechanisms.

Emerging Economics Conference is going to deal with the financial crisis along with the underlying crisis of the international economy. There is instability of emerging countries geopolitics which will be discussed by speakers.