International Congress on Civilizations

17th to 19th January 2014 Istanbul, Turkey The historical role of Istanbul as one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the world which has served as the capital of multiple civilizations makes it a unique gathering place. For this reason as well as the responsibility implicated in its very name, Istanbul Medeniyet University has taken up the duty of periodically organizing The International Congresses on Civilization. The first of this series of Congresses will be held between January 17- 19, 2014, in Istanbul. The focus of the first congress is to evaluate the notion of “civilization” from different angles, taking the historical and evaluative perspectives formed in different cultural settings into consideration. This focus will provide a guideline…

Turkey GRI 2014

13th to 14th January 2014 Istanbul, Turkey On 13-14 January 2014 Turkey’s leading local and international decision makers driving the real estate industry will get together in Turkey GRI. Turkey GRI is not your typical conference. Discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and trends with top level decision makers in informal group discussions where everybody participates. Don’t miss the chance to join the real estate leaders. Official Website