Istanbul’s weather, climate, festivals, events and public holidays

Sun in the summer, snow in the winter, but the humidity is a constant in sea-encircled Istanbul. Festival-filled spring and autumn are the best times to visit Istanbul, but the chill of the winter is enlivened by magical snowfalls and languid evenings by the Bosphorus is the upside of the humid heat in the summer. Weather & climate Between December and March Istanbul is cold, grey and blustery. Temperatures average 5C (42F), but humidity and windchill make it feel much colder. Sleet and snow showers are not uncommon; the city is usually buried under several feet of snow at least once every winter – a magical sight, even if it means life grinds to a halt. Summers can be oppressive;…

Public Transportation in Istanbul

Public transportation in Istanbul has improved for the better over the past few years. Most people still take taxis to commute between the various points of interest, but it’s often not the best choice. In this article I’ll point out the benefits of using public transportation, what the common lines are for tourists, when they operate, and what sightseeing spots they service. You will be amazed. Public Transportation as the Smart Alternative It’s an understatement to say that Istanbul traffic is a problem. The latest renovation works of Taksim Square make it even worse. Roads are always heavily used, and gridlocks are common from 07:00 till 10:00 in the morning, and again starting 16:00 until often late in the evening….